Thursday, 1 January 2015

i-Spy a Finish

Number 2 on Finish Along 2014 Q4 List
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i-Spy Baby Boy Quilt

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I Bagged a Finish

Number 1 on Finish Along 2014 Q4 List.

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Art Student Tote - Anna Maria Horner Pattern

This was only possible with the pattern and bag making talent of Katy - our hostess - and her generous sharing of those skills with me.


Saturday, 4 October 2014

Finish Along 2014 Q4 List

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Finish Along 2014
So here is my Finish Along 2014 Q4 list. I am slightly fed up with making quilts as I do not really have anyone to make them for now.   I suppose it could be that I am fed up with looking at the old ones I have on the go so I have ditched some items off the previous list as I will never fancy finishing them and added a couple of new ones as well as some the same, still at the same stage of non-completion as last time.  To contradict my previous sentence most of the list is quilts!

Number 1:  Making a welcome return from earlier in the year is the AMH Art Student Tote Bag.  Everything bought and help, advice and re-written pattern instructions (not by me!) in place.

Number 2:  A new entry in at Number 2 is an I Spy baby boy quilt

Number 3:  Supernova - on its way

Number 4:  Gypsy Wife - also started

Number 5:  HST Summersville - making a re appearance.

Number 6:  Top - also making a re appearance.

Number 7:  Added as a displacement Activity.  I have decided cutting up 2 1/2 " squares is much easier than tackling the Art Student Tote.  They will be put to good use in a stash busting Scrap Vomit Pattern Quilt - always years behind the band wagon. For some reason my add link does not work but the version I am following is from I Am a Ginger Monkey Blog.

Well that's plenty of Autumn sewing to be getting on with.

Happy Sewing


A Finish but not a loved one!

Number 3 on FAL 2014 Q3 list

I have finished making the duvet cover from the On A Whim pattern with AMH fabric Maybe and I added wide borders in Moda Bella Solids in Sea to make a kingsize.  I am so glad to see this finished  as I really do not like it one bit.  I thought there was an issue with weight so I weighed it and it comes in at 5lb 4oz whereas a shop bought cotton king size cover is 2lb 14oz. Its other vital statistics are W89" X H83" which is in part due to my lets make it up as I go along approach to this.  I knew from very early on I had made a mistake - never again!  I almost slid in a layer of wadding and thought about quilting it. The fabric used on the back was bought in error - I bought lilac instead of blue but used it anyway just to get rid of it.  Anyway here are some photos of the duvet cover -

My Duvet Cover 2280 grams

Shop purchased Scion Duvet Cover 1309grams
AMH on the back needing an iron

That's me all done with duvet covers!
Who knows maybe I will take it apart and turn into a regular quilt.

Happy Sewing

Come in Number 4 Your time is up

My first finish this quarter was my last Marcelle Medallion (ever).   I added a couple of rows of extra borders so this is now huge.  I made it for my husband and have added lots of quirky touches that are relevant to him – rhinos and bears being two of them!  The quilt  measures W 74" X H 76" but it has not been washed and to be honest I never intend to wash it!  I pieced the back from various Fat Quarters I had.  I absolutely love the quilt and every time I look at it I am amazed that it was actually me that made it – and two previously!  I hope this is my last MM - I love it but why oh why did I start three?  This was number 4 on my Finish Along 2014 Q3. 

  Marcelle Medallion number 3 - This is your Life


 I used these fabrics for the simply pieced extra borders

On the machine


Thanks for looking
Happy Sewing

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Finish Along 2014 Q3 List

Well its happened again - some items to carry over from the Q2 list although they are a bit further forward - so here is my Q3 list

Number 1 - Stairway to Heaven - pattern from Geta Grama - I have now cut out two sets and partly pieced them with just the small task of  layering and quilting left!



Number 2 - Half square triangle star quilt - As this is slowly coming together I can see that it will look really good when finished.

Number 3 - On A Whim duvet cover - I am adding the borders which have to be wide to make a king size cover.  This is one of those 'not sure how it is going to turn out' type project.  Making it up as I go along.  I do have a problem in that it seems to be quite heavy for a duvet cover.

Number 4 - This is my last Marcelle Medallion - ever!  This just missed being finished in Q2 so it should be an early finish in Q3- if it is not I will hang my head in shame.  I have sewn this a bit a**e about face.  When I finished FMQ the outer borders I sewed the binding on and then carried on sewing in the middle.  The theory behind this is that if I finish the binding it will stop the flappy edge of wadding annoying me and getting caught up everything- so I need to sew that down then!  Miles and miles of hand sewing...

Number 5 - Supernova Leftovers -This is a paper pieced pattern and I have printed out some papers so no excuses now.  (Also an Australian pattern like below)

Number 6 - Culture Blend - with an attempt at more interesting photos which blend cultures as well - Australian pattern and Chinese Bamboo.  I have even bought a 24" 10 degree wedge ruler.

Number 7 - Skirt, Trousers and Top - I have the patterns and fabric (for skirt and top) just need to muster up the enthusiasm.

I will be making the top

Number 8 - Super Tote - Noodlehead.  I have some laminate Echino  Stag Deer with glasses in pink on its way from Hong Kong so I need to overcome my fear of bag making!  With some bag patterns there is such a long list of items required - I don't know what half of them are - usually starting with the word Pellon. - how many blinking types of Pellon can there be?
So there we have it - a very ambitious list but here's hoping...

Enjoy your summer stitching wherever you are , whatever you are stitching

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Giant Vintage Star Finish

Number 4 on my Finish Along 2014 Q2.
The Giant Vintage Star quilt is now finished and living in Kendal, Cumbria.  Luckily my friend loves it.  I used the free tutorial from  In Color Order

This quilt top was a very quick and easy make but looks great although it is quite large so a bit of a pain to quilt.  I kept it simple as my dodgy FMQ would have shown too much.
Overall I am more than happy with how this turned out and it was a present for a dear friend so all more for the good.
Happy stitching whatever you are making.